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IKEA’s Latest AR App can Erase your Furniture to Showcase its Own

IKEA’s already offers augmented reality (AR) furniture previews in your home, but its most recent AI-powered iOS app promises a significant improvement.  Kreativ is a tool that uses LiDAR to scan your rooms and create an exact 3D duplicate of them. It then allows you to remove any existing furniture. In order to have a better sense of how new IKEA’s sofas, tables, etc. would look in your house, you may test them out there.

IKEA’s Kreativ Scene Scanner, which employs LiDAR if it’s accessible on your iPhone, is used to conduct the scanning. Although having LiDAR enables the software to “pull in more spatial detail,” the furniture shop said that it also functions on iPhones and iPads without it. You only need to enter a sequence of pictures of a room to use it on the web or a mobile device without LiDAR.

The result is an interactive, wide-angle duplicate of the place with precise measurements and perspective after they have been automatically processed and put together. From there, you may move any existing furniture and put new IKEA’s items in its place, rapidly test out different options, and completely customise the space. We may all share or store any of our thoughts for later. Additionally, the app allows you to add desired items to your shopping basket.

50 new 3D showrooms were also showcased by IKEA’s. These enable virtual catalogue browsing and 3D product testing, allowing users to “easily swap, move, rotate, stack, and hang objects,” according to the business.

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