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IDF Reveals its Artificial Intelligence War Data ‘Factory’

The IDF revealed its artificial-intelligence (AI) war data “factory” and strategy on Tuesday as part of Tel Aviv University’s Blavatnik Virtual AI Week. The military has been using AI for some time, including during the May 2021 Gaza war; a new strategy for AI was approved by Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi a few weeks ago said Brig.-Gen. Aviad Dagan, director of the IDF Digital Transformation Administration.

A major recent advancement by the IDF has been digital networking in the cloud between all forces, including headquarters, frontline command centers, and troops in the field. Still, he said the military is starting a new digital advancement beyond the cloud.

There still will be a cloud network of interactions between headquarters and frontline units. Still, the military will now improve with edge-data architecture that will enable a local edge course for speed and a cloud course for completeness. This means the military will be building mini-clouds, or networks, for each of its arms and sometimes smaller subdivisions so they can process and receive data even faster than in the current network.

A wide variety of data points could put together sensory detection of an enemy, evaluate who the enemy was, check the various IDF options within range to respond, analyze how much different fuel drones or other units have remaining, and then quickly dispatch the ideal targeting order. The new Artificial Intelligence capabilities could be of massive importance in any potential future war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, where the IDF has already developed a list of thousands of targets.

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