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Gucci and Xbox Partners and Unveils Custom Version

Gucci will offer a version of the Xbox Series X adorned with the fashion house’s unique designs on its website Nov. 17. Only 100 of the consoles will be available.The-branded console sells for $10,000.

The console features a laser-cut monogram of the letters “GG,” representing both the initials of founder and the shorthand for “good game,” commonly used in video games.The console also includes custom -branded Xbox controllers, a Gucci hard case for carrying the console with “Xbox” and “Good Game” printed on it, and Xbox’s Game Pass Unlimited, a Netflix style service where users can stream dozens of free games.

Both Xbox and Gucci are celebrating anniversaries this year. The video game console from Microsoft turns 20 this year, while is celebrating its 100th anniversary. On Monday, Microsoft is hosting a special streaming celebration honoring the 20th anniversary of the Xbox.

The company said the pattern alludes to both the initials of  Gucci and the shorthand for “good game.” The case is designed to be on the go, with dedicated space for both controllers and the Xbox. Gucci plans to sell 100 units through its flagship stores. You can get yours starting Wednesday.

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