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 Google Photos: Storage isn’t Unlimited Anymore?

Google Photos’ free storage feature is coming to an end, as the company is making changes to its storage policy which is resulting in a tier up system that is similar to that of Apple iCloud. Users will still get up to 15 GB free storage which has been shared throughout their Google accounts.

Initially, Google gave users a storage of 15GB for their Gmail, Google Drive, and Photos for free. Photos and videos that were saved at lower qualities were given infinite space at no cost. But now that users have become bent up on Google Photos’ interface, the company is telling the users to either pay up for storage or move the photos to a platform somewhere else.

From July 1, the Google Photos storage will be 15 GB free only. If your storage exceeds 15 GB, you would have to pay for that.will also provide you with a personalized estimate on how long it should take you to fill up your 15GB free storage division. This feature would ultimately require the people to keep deleting their useless photos in time. Typically, this process of cleaning up useless photos is quite lengthy but you have to clean up or simply pay for Google Photos Premium.

However 15 GB is also a lot of space for storing your photos unless you are a photographer or you need photos for your living. Otherwise also, this feature will not be a big deal for photographers too. They won’t mind paying a small amount of money if they’re getting unlimited storage space for their high-resolution pictures.

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