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Google Launches Tool for Minors to Delete Pictures from Search

Google unveiled a tool to Delete the pictures of minors from the search results. The company said it is rolling out a tool that lets parents and kids under the age of 18 request photos be removed from its images tab or no longer appear as thumbnails in a search inquiry.

Although Google previously offered ways for people to request the removal of personal information and photos that fit into categories such as “non-consensual explicit” or “financial, medical and national ID,” it’s now extending this to images of minors. The new form allows users to flag URLs of any images or search results that contain pictures they want to be removed. Google said its teams will review each submission and reach out if they need additional information to verify the requirements for removal.

However, the company emphasized this won’t remove the image from the internet entirely; people will need to contact a website’s webmaster to ask for that content to be removed. The company previously announced the tool in August as part of a bigger effort to protect minors across its platforms. Other features it introduced at the time included a private default setting for all videos uploaded by a teenager and a tool called Family Link that helps parents monitor their kids’ accounts.

Some experts appreciate the search engine latest move to give minors more control over images, noting their removal could also cut down on cyber-bullying or prevent potentially harmful information or photos from persisting online.

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