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Google is not Shutting Stadia Down

Google claims that it is not discontinuing its Stadia gaming platform. After a rumour that it might shut down the platform later this year started to go around earlier this week, the business released the announcement. In a post seen by PC Gamer, the official Twitter account assured a worried user that is not shutting down.” You may be confident that we’re working hard to add more fantastic titles to the platform and Stadia Pro.

After Cody Ogden of the well-known Killed by Google, a Twitter account and blog that tracks the company’s always growing graveyard, published a post from a Facebook fan group, some supporters believed Google would eventually discontinue the programme. The statement claimed that a “old employee and acquaintance” had just informed the poster that Google had convened a meeting to talk about Stadia future, or lack thereof. According to their claims, the corporation would use the same plan it used to shut down Google Play Music to do so before the end of the summer.

At the time, Ogden, a self-described shitposter, just added a popcorn emoji as his single remark to the post. That didn’t, however, prevent the rumour from sending a large portion of the Stadia community, including the official subreddit, into a tailspin. To its credit, Google offered a lighthearted response to the situation.

It is hardly unexpected that even a rumour with questionable sources might generate unrest among the Stadia group. Since Google closed its first-party studios, the service has been on prolonged death watch. The event draws attention to the unhealthily parasocial interactions that people occasionally have with internet giants like Google. After the dust calmed, Ogden stated, “Communities that are confident in their continuing existence don’t reply like some of the things that have been thrown at me in public and in DMs the past several days.” “Perhaps you need to reconsider your connection with the technology?” I asked. “If simply the thought that a piece of technology might go impacts you so profoundly that it makes you feel threatened.”

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