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Google Has Removed Schedule Explorer Feature

Google has added a lot of features to enhance the user’s experience. The company has added the schedule explorer feature, which the company removed recently. Later the company confirmed that the option was removed.

The company has removed the schedule explorer in the transit mode in January but they again launched in February. But last month, the company has completely removed the feature permanently. The feature was removed due to the limited usage. The company hasn’t given any official announcement.

The new viral video has shown a long snake-like structure on Google maps. In the aerial view, the structure looks like a giant snake. It is unbelivable there is no existing snake of that size. The Google maps shows the object in the coast of France. The went viral after it was posted online. The internet users broght a different perspective about the video. The video shows the  extinct Titanoboa which is the extremely large snake.The video earned huge number of views. A twitter user also added that this seems believable.

He has also clarified that the huge snake like structure is Le Serpent d’Océan. Another user spotted a blood late structure in the region of dakota. The scary discovery was uploaded in the social media and many internet users gave thier perspectives. The users suggest that the red colour can be the due to the mining activites. They also termed this area as Environmental Destruction.  The forest is located in the south dakota and the borders Wyoming which is a popular location with mountain climbers and campers.

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