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Goldman Sachs Debates on Employee Vaccination

An internal Goldman Sachs memorandum offers insights on back-to-work details and conflicting concerns and demands about Covid-19 vaccinations.

According to officials familiar with the development, the investment bank said that its US-based employees were asked to report their vaccination statuses to the company. The announcement was made on Thursday as the company plans for resumption and normalcy.The memo did not require that workers should mandatorily be vaccinated or provide their proof of vaccination. They have to report which vaccine they have received and when.

Directives that have asked about the vaccine statuses, like Goldman Sachs’, could be considered the first step to ultimately issuing employee orders.While companies have recently been much keener to engage themselves on social and cultural issues than they have been earlier in the past, the company’s actions are in alignment with the development.

One of the vital points that companies are eyeing right now is speaking out against restraining voting laws and the like.Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, has just issued some guidance requiring that the employees can be asked compulsorily to be vaccinated and can offer incentives for them to do so as well.

This step is likely to encourage some companies to involve more with their workers about vaccinations and health. On the other hand, vaccinations could be done much more quickly.But, according to a memorandum from the Biden administration, even the federal government is hesitant to make this memo a compulsory one.

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