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Goldfish Dumped in Lakes, Affecting the Ecosystem

Higher authorities in Minnesota have appealed to the aquarium owners to stop releasing pet fishes into larger water bodies after numerous huge Goldfish were caught out from a local lake.Officials in Burnsville, about 15 miles in the south of Minneapolis, said that the released Goldfish could grow to multiple times their usual size and cause havoc upon the other native species of the water bodies.

In November 2020, the officials in nearby Carver County had removed as many as 50,000 from the local water bodies. The county’s water management manager, Paul Moline, said that are an alternated and understudied species with a high possibility to negatively impact the quality of water in lakes.

Goldfish can reproduce easily and can survive even through the lower levels of oxygen during the winter season in Minnesota.Ecological destruction caused due to the release of aquarium pets is not anything new. Carnivorous lionfish, which is native to the Indo-Pacific but is believed to have been released by the pet owners in Florida after Hurricane Andrew occurred in the year 1982, and many Caribbean species, letting the seaweed reach the ridges.

Goldfish have not been paid much attention to other hostile species, including the Asian carp and zebra mussels, but cautions have been issued in Virginia and Washington state as well as in Australia and Canada.In the year 2013, Scientific American had reported that researchers are searching for Lake Tahoe had caught a that was nearly 1.5 feet long and weighed 4.2 pounds.

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