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Gigantic Leap for Medical Research with Ultra Efficiency Microscope

Australian scientists have successfully developed a superior quality Microscope that delivers over 35% more clarity as compared to a regular laboratory microscope boosting medical imaging, which will facilitate complex research activities. The device is capable of imaging tiny biological structures which were unable to be detected previously, proving to be a crucial step in quantum technology.

It is for the first time in history that an existing light Microscope is developed into an even superior device with the help of quantum technology, strengthening the future of medical imaging and navigation systems. Quantum technologies based on quantum physics explain complex systems at the atomic and subatomic particle levels. The Microscope helps researchers observe the scales of bonds between a cellular atom with improvements in clarity.

Even though the technology is particularly a new concept, it is anticipated to acquire a wide range of solid applications, which will comprise improving MRI scans along with an assessment of nerve degeneration and specific antibiotic effects. Prof Warwick Bowen, the lead researcher from the University of Queensland, shared that the innovative quantum Microscope has successfully outperformed the existing conventional technologies.

A major problem in imaging tiny structures signal-induced to the background light ratio which has been previously encountered by increasing the light source intensity; however, it caused various problems in the biological samples as observed by Prof Brant Gibson, RMIT. According to Bowen, it causes a change in behavior, sometimes even kills the biological samples making it harder to study the biological system.

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