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General Motors to Sue Ford for Blocking the ‘BlueCruise’ Name

General Motors and its Cruise Robo-taxi company have launched a lawsuit to prevent Ford Motor Company from marketing its hands-free driving technology under the moniker “BlueCruise,” the firm announced on Saturday. GM alleged Ford’s use of the BlueCruise term infringed on GM’s Super Cruise trademark and Cruise’s trademark in a statement posted shortly after midnight Detroit time.

General Motors said in its statement, “While General Motors had hoped to resolve the trademark infringement matter with Ford amicably, we were left with no choice but to vigorously defend our brands and protect the equity our products and technology have earned over several years in the market.” In a lawsuit filed on Friday, General Motors said that the automakers had engaged in lengthy negotiations but could not resolve the conflict.

In the complaint, General Motors claims trademark infringement and unfair competition. Ford has petitioned the court for an injunction prohibiting it from using the BlueCruise moniker, as well as specific damages. The action, filed in federal court in California, was described by Ford as meritless and ridiculous. Drivers have understood cruise control for decades; every carmaker offers it, and the term cruise is a standard shorthand for the function.

That’s why BlueCruise was picked as the name for Ford’s Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control’s next evolution. In traffic jams or on highways, automakers are racing to deliver technology that will allow drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel. Unfortunately, advanced Driver Assistance Systems, such as Tesla’s semi-automated Autopilot, are not designed to enable drivers to withdraw from driving for long periods altogether.For decades, automakers have used the term cruise to designate cruise control systems that allow drivers to choose a speed that the vehicle will maintain, typically on highways.

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