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Former FDA Chief Says, Biden Administration on the Right in Delta Variant Management

The former FDA chief, in response to U.S’s fight against covid-19 variants, says the Biden administration is taking appropriate steps for fighting against the Delta variant. The U.S is setting up a response team in the communities that are more vulnerable to the covid-19 Delta variant that is highly contagious and deadly, said Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

He said the administration is on its right path on shifting its strategy in combating the variant. Gottlieb was the FDA chief under the ex-president Donald Trump. Gottlieb applauded the efforts of the Biden administration and its grassroots approach.The targeted response can help the administration in identifying the communities that are more vulnerable and allow them to focus on vaccinating the people to fight against the Covid and the Delta variant.

Gottlieb said; currently, there is an urgent on shifting to a grassroots strategy and take efforts to focus on the local communities allowing local groups to encourage people to get the vaccine shots, reach out to doctors, find ways that will enable the small providers and doctors to encourage their patients to get the vaccination done.

The new “variant of concern” is sharply increasing the covid cases across the country. 25% of current new cases are infected from the Delta variant. According to U.S officials, it would become a dominant strain in the coming days in the country, surpassing the current Alpha variant.The CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has directed the administration to spike the vaccination rates. She said the majority of vaccinated people are from Midwest and South.

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