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Flu Cases Continues to Increase in the US

Data collected by the Walgreens Flu Index said that the U.S. has seen 23% more Flu Cases this year compared to last year’s influenza season, though flu activity is still below normal pre-pandemic years, according to data collected by the Walgreens Flu Index. According to the flu index, which includes data through the week ending on Oct. 9, Nevada leads the U.S. in the number of Flu Cases reported this year, followed by Mississippi and Texas.

Walgreens also added that the market area with the most flu activity the week of Oct. 3 was Las Vegas which is because it is a top tourist destination. The company also said the higher flu activity nationwide may be a result of increased face-to-face interaction and the reduction in preventive measures in some regions.

Several communities in Texas were also high on the flu activity list, in addition to areas in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio.Southern areas are showing the most widespread flu activity so far this season and it is in line with trends seen over the past two flu seasons.

Walgreens said that it is early in the flu season, and flu activity remains low compared to a normal flu season, but the Centers for Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend getting a flu shot by the end of October and before flu spreads in local communities.  Walgreens tracks information on the number of Flu Cases in the U.S. by examining retail prescription data for antiviral medications that are used to treat viral infection across its locations nationwide.

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