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File Explorer will be redesigned with tabs by Microsoft

Microsoft has revealed more details regarding the impending Windows 11 version. The business also mentioned Windows 11’s potential for hybrid work and system-wide upgrades to computer video calling features. The firm has disclosed other updates to the file explorer.

The firm recently announced that they have updated the file explorer to allow customers to view all of their files in one location. Users will also be able to bookmark their favorite files and create tabs for quick access to the most frequently visited folders. A video demonstrating all of the new features was just posted by the firm. Users right-click on the file and add it to favorites to pin it to the top, as seen in the video. Users may use the + sign at the upper left of the windows to pin several folders to the top.

The firm also provided touch snap layouts to allow consumers to conveniently organize apps on smart devices. Windows 11 is the name of the new update from Microsoft. This is the version of Windows that is more accessible and inclusive. The live captioning tool will also transcribe all of the audio on your computer, according to the business. The firm has mostly focused on assisting persons with ADHD. The corporation has also included new features to protect user data; the old program will recognize if an attacker is attempting to steal your information.

In addition, the business is releasing a new note-taking software that is optimized for styluses and pens. The Microsoft journal is what it’s called. This program, according to the business, will allow users to write and delete whatever they want.

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