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Fiber-based Network is the Backbone of the Internet

The vast bulk of the Internet backbone is made up of fiber-based networks. Fiber-optic subsea cables that span thousands of miles connect continents and deliver data almost as rapidly as light. In the meantime, the sizable data centres where our cloud-based services are housed also require fibre connections. People’s houses are progressively having these fibre connections built, providing them with speedy, dependable Internet access. Only 43% of American households have access to fiber-optic Internet, though.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which was passed in November 2021, allocates $65 billion to boosting broadband Internet access for all Americans in an effort to narrow the digital divide. This government support, along with a variety of other factors, has raised the market for fiber-based products. Corning is not only the largest producer of optical fibre worldwide but also the leading manufacturer of fibre cable in North America. Gorilla Glass for iPhones is the product for which Corning is best known.With sales of $1.3 billion, the optical communications industry was Corning’s highest-earning division in the second quarter. Swipe features like other applications like Mail have been introduced to Apple Music as well.

Users can swipe right to reveal the songs that are on the Play Next and Play Last controls, or swipe to the left to access Add to Library, Download, or Delete options. Users can modify the gesture but can be expected in future updates. The older version iOS 13.5 was the initial version which allowed the user to share the song lyrics in Instagram stories. The recent software update allows the user to share the snippets of the song. To share the song or the lyrics of the song select the option “More options” and by choosing the option select lyrics the lyrics can be shared on the desired social network.

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