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Facebook Groups are Revamped to look like Discord

A lot of changes are coming to Facebook Groups, and if you’ve used Discord, the new method should seem quite familiar. I’m getting major Discord vibes from Meta’s testing of a new left-aligned sidebar and channels list for Groups. Even Meta’s accent colour of purple evokes Discord.

The redesigned sidebar, which lists your groups with rounded square icons, is the centrepiece of the modifications. You will be able to pin groups so that they appear top on the list, much as with Discord and Slack. Each group will have a new menu that seems like it was directly adapted from Discord. Channels, Messenger discussions, and events are arranged sequentially in the menu.

The explosion was detected on Sunday by the Computer Aided CME Tracking instrument from the European Space Agency (ESA) (CACTus). According to the website for the tool, the algorithm functions independently. It makes use of information obtained from the Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph Experiment (LASCO), a project that the ESA and NASA worked on together to investigate the Sun.

Astronomers employ additional solar-focused sensors to validate the occurrences as CACTus’ list of CME is created automatically. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is one such device; last week, it even provided us with photographs of sunspot AR3038. The test comes as Meta starts its transition to give Facebook a more TikTok-like feel. It makes natural that Meta is use the transition as an occasion to reconsider how Facebook Groups operate since the purpose of that move is to have your feed promote more material from accounts you don’t follow.

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