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Experts Predict increase in Flu with removal of Masks

As people begin to remove their Masks and return to normal, health experts predict increased coughs, colds, and flu. Face Masks protect against virtually all diseases. Now that we’ve removed the Masks, we’ll be exposed once more. Doctors advise that if you are sick, even if it is just a cough, you should wear a to protect others.

The CDC estimates that the number of people testing positive for the flu in the US in the week ending May 15 remained “unusually poor.” Dr. Sachin Gupta with UNC Health said, “If there was a silver lining to COVID, it was the masking that we were doing and we saw that during our traditional kind of flu season, there were virtually no cases of flu because of all the things that we were doing for COVID.”

Influenza infections in the United States have reduced by 85 percent as a result of people wearing Masks, avoiding close contact, and washing their hands. This year’s flu hospitalization rate in the United States was only.7 per 100,000 people. The CDC hasn’t registered a lower hospitalization rate since 2005. School closures and working from home, according to health researchers, played a significant role in limiting the spread of the flu.

Five flu deaths were registered across the country in the week ending May 15. During the same week, 1,094 people died from the coronavirus. After the pandemic is over, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist, believes mask-wearing may become seasonal. Gupta says that when people are sick with a cold in some countries, it’s common for them to wear a Masks. However, Gupta claims that masking up daixly will be a “tough sell” in the United States.

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