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Elon Musk hits back at Twitter’s court Threat in the most Elon Musk way Possible

Elon Musk, of course, made fun of Twitter’s attempts to pressure him into buying the firm in a tweet. Musk posted four pictures of himself laughing early on Monday, along with the following captions: “I couldn’t purchase, they said. Then they wouldn’t reveal information on bots. In court, they now want to order me to purchase Twitter’s. They are now required to provide bot information in court.”

Following that, Musk tweeted, “Chuckmate,” along with a photo of actor Chuck Norris playing chess with only one pawn on his side of the board and all the pieces on the other. Musk announced late Friday that he was terminating his agreement to purchase Twitter’s, citing the absence of evidence on the proportion of users who are bots.

That put Twitter’s “in serious breach of many sections” of the original agreement, according to his attorney. In response, declared that it will “seek legal action to enforce the merger agreement. (TWTR) shareholders aren’t amused. The social networking site’s stock fell 5% in early pre-market trade on Monday. Shares closed Friday at $36.81, significantly below the agreed-upon acquisition price of $54.20 per share in April.

But since April, other tech equities have also fallen precipitously, including shares of Tesla (TSLA), the main contributor to Musk’s record-breaking wealth. Since Musk’s initial Twitter’s holdings were made public in April, shares of Tesla have decreased by 31%. Shares of Tesla increased 1% in premarket trading.

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