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DJI making Cinema Camera with a Built-in Gimbal

DJI has announced a cinema camera that comes with a built-in gimbal, can shoot at up to 8K resolution, and uses a LIDAR rangefinder. The company promises a sharper, faster, and more reliable focusing experience,even in low light.

DJIis called the Ronin 4D and the main focus is squarely at professionals. The new camera has interesting features and shows that DJI is continuing to develop its camera tech outside of drones. DJI says that the 6K version of the Ronin 4D will be available in December and that the 8K version will be available at a later date.

There are many accessories coming for it, including a wireless monitoring system and a focus motor that will even let you adapt manual-focus lenses to use the LIDAR system.The 6K version costs $7,199, the 8K version is $11,499, and the camera comes with the gimbal, camera, LIDAR range finder, a monitor and hand grips / top handle, a carrying case, and a battery.

In the realm of production cameras and stabilization systems, that’s actually on the lower end but if the users are planning to use the LIDAR focus system to absolutely nail focus in your vlogs then you may consider other options.

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