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Digital Mental Health Startup Meru Health Raises $38 Million

The Meru Health stated it will use the funds to boost nationwide coverage of the mental health coaching service. The amount raised in the Series B funding round will be used to boost its services across the nation for depression, anxiety and burnout.

The company provides an online program of 12 weeks that is focused on providing treatment for depression, anxiety, and burnout. The program is guided by a therapist that determines appropriate treatment methods healing the patient from inside out. Users during the program can also access a wearable biofeedback device that determines the heart health and helps them improve their breathing practices.

The people who are experiencing mild depression and anxiety symptoms also get coaching which prevents them from worsening the symptoms. Most importantly, the company used authentic and evidence based clinical data to treat and provide best in-class services to the people.The service provider of Meru Health believe their service of outstanding because it is the only mental health care provider that also provides preventive mental healthcare services. Meru stated that the funds will be used to boot the firm’s growth and coverage across the country, increase partnerships, and expand its coaching program.

Investments in the digital mental and behavioral health is growing in the recent years has seen a tremendous growth due to the trauma faced by the people during the pandemic. Thus the need for mental health care services is increasing. According to the report released by US CDC 40% of US adults are struggling with mental health.

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