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Delta Variant Cases California Cases Cross over 71%  

In California, there were a total of 634 Delta Variant cases identified in the last week. The total number of Delta Variant released on Thursday is 1,085.

That is a 71% rise in just one single week. Covid-19 tests are not done sufficiently, and the process by which the individuals’ variants are analyzed is also compromised. So, the raw numbers are small as compared to the overall number of the new cases. But the genomic sequencing gives an approximate indication of the spread of the variant.

The number of cases reported daily has been discovered to be 1,400 on Thursday. The last time that the numbers broke that verge was during mid-May 2021. And as the raw numbers of the cases rose, the number of daily tests being administered dropped from approximately 233,000 to 63,000 on Thursday. Falling testing tends to result in only fewer cases identified.

Seven days ago, the test positivity rate was at 1.4%. On Thursday, that number was 2.1%. That means that if Governor Newsom’s tier-up Blueprint for a Safer Economy system were still in operation, then the state as a whole would no longer fall into the category of the least-restrictive Yellow “Minimal” tier, but is more restrictive Orange “Moderate” tier.The state’s dashboard says that 60% of the entire state’s population has been vaccinated. But that 60% is of the eligible population. Fully vaccinated ones are 15% of the state’s residents, and nearly 6 million of 40 million people are under 12 years of age. And therefore, they are ineligible for the current vaccines.

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