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Covid to increase other health issues too

The shift of Covid from being a pandemic to a “recurrent seasonal disease” is a big improvement and an achievement for the world. All across the United States, people are hugging, talking in each other’s faces, going to the office, attending indoor sports events, and not wearing masks in the Walmart.

Increased time of staying indoors is the first major category of explanations for the seasonality of respiratory viruses. The second has to be the increasing humidity. When there is less humidity, viral particles can survive and remain airborne for longer. The third major category relates to people’s immune systems, which are weaker during the winter season because they get less Vitamin D from the sun.

The pandemic appears to be ending in the United States, and it is good news. But the aftermath of pandemics can still be dangerous, as we can see from the pages of History. Covid has made the public vulnerable to many other health issues. Major health issues involve mental health, anxiety, depression, blood sugar level, and high blood pressure. Due to the increased rate of deaths during this pandemic, people have lost their dear ones, and they are facing extreme depression. This is ultimately affecting their mental health. A person’s oxygen level also dropped after he turned out to beCovid Positive.

And moreover, Covid is not completely over. No one knows when the wave might hit its deadliest. Therefore, health needs to be taken proper care of. Sugar patients should not skip their medicines along with other ongoing treatments and health checkups. Anxiety needs to be treated through psychotherapy which is now available online as well. Services are completely there for us, but we need to take care of ourselves first, and in worse conditions, we must refer to the best doctors and psychologists.

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