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Climate Change likely to Disrupt Ocean Currents

As per the reliable sources of information, the global warming, a human driven phenomenon is likely to collapse the system of the currents in Atlantic Ocean which plays a huge role in regulating and impacting the weather across the globe as noted by a new scientific study.

The AMOC, called as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, is a section of the Gulf Stream which transports warm water from the tropics in the northward direction and the cold water from the North Atlantic region to the south.

This redistribution of the heat is carried out by the nature and has been playing an important role in stabilizing the regional climate as well as the weather conditions. However, the scientists have claimed that the system has been slowing down since a few years. As per the report by the United Nations, in 2019, the current is very likely to weaken over the century, however, a complete breakdown was not expected.

But as per the new study that has been published on Thursday, the situation is likely to be far direr then they have thought of it previously. The current uncertainty is to be tied to an almost completely unstable AMOC over the course of the last century as stated by the analysis from the researchers in the field.A non functional Atlantic current system is to trigger the catastrophic as well as the potentially irreversible changes from the sea in North America. It is also likely to cause major disruptions in Asia and South America.

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