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China Reports First Possible Human Case of Bird Flu

A man living in Eastern China has reported symptoms, which might be the world’s first human case of the H10N3 strain of Bird Flu.

The risk, however, is low as far as the larger-scale spread is concerned, assured government officials on Tuesday.The 41-year-old man in the Jiangsu area of Shanghai; was hospitalized on April 28 after complaining of fever and other associated complications.

The patient is reported to be in a stable condition right now, according to the National Health Commission. No such human case of the H10N3 Bird Flu has been reported anywhere else in the world, as told by the commission.This transmission is said to be an accidental one and has rare chances of further spread. Health authorities dismissed the outburst by saying that the case was a part of irregular virus transmission from poultry to humans, and the risk of causing an epidemic was extremely low.

H10N3 is a low infective or comparatively lesser severe strain of the virus in poultry. However, there are many different stages of avian influenza in China, and some of them are infrequently infecting people, mostly working across poultry farms.Any kind of flu or disease is now immediately predicted to be having a possibility of an epidemic after witnessing the dangerous outburst of the Coronavirus. Covid-19 was also originated in China; therefore, the first case of any kind of disease discovered in China is always assumed to be dangerous for the entire world.

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