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Chevy Bolt Fire has Become a Disaster for GM

In Europe, auto sales are down, Rivian wants to raise billions more, and the Chevy Bolt fire situation appears to be bad. The Morning Shift for September 16, 2021 has all of this and more. The Chevy Bolt hasbeen the subject of numerous recalls due to possible fire hazards, which is clearly not a good thing. In recent days, GM has also stated that it may purchase the Bolt from select owners if they make enough noise, more or less.

According to Bloomberg, GM is now advising some Bolt owners to park their cars at least 50 feet away from other vehicles. Another Bolt fire broke out in Cherokee County, Georgia. Owners who are already limiting their use of the Bolt to avoid overheating the battery and risking a fire will undoubtedly be alarmed by the new suggestion.

The parking advice, which recommends a 50-foot separation from other parked cars, is particularly problematic for owners in urban locations. Ten fires have been confirmed by GM. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has discovered 13 fires in Bolts, but the manufacturer hasn’t confirmed whether the other three are related to the current recall.

The Bolt can ordinarily travel 259 miles on a single charge, but GM has set a limit to avert a fire. Bolt owners were advised to keep the charge to 90 percent, plug in more regularly, and prevent emptying the battery to less than 70 miles of remaining range, according to the automaker. They should also park their cars outside soon after charging them, rather than leaving them charging overnight. Bolt owners who are concerned about parking in public spaces should keep 50 feet away from other cars in garages and lots, according to company spokesman Dan Flores.

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