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Bitcoin Mining Causing High Carbon Emissions

As per the trusted sources of information, the Seneca Lake, which is one of the largest Finger Lakes in the New York city have been busy during the summers of this year with people fishing, swimming and tasting the wine. But the people who are near the region have been conducting other activities during this time in the year of protesting against a gas-fired power plant, which according to them, is heating the lake and polluting the air since several years.

A resident near the lake, Abi Buddington of Dresden stated that the lake is so warm that one might feel to be in a hot tub full of water.

Atlas Holdings is a private equity firm owns the facility shores of the Seneca Lake. The lake is operated by Greenidge Generation LLC. They have raised the electrical power output at a gas-fired plant over the previous year and a half and use a lot of the fossil fuel energy, which is not to light the surrounding residence but to carry out the energy sensitive mining of the Bitcoin.

As per the study by the University of Cambridge, the global Bitcoin miners make use of more energy over one year than Chile. When the fossil fuels are used to generate energy, the process causes a significant amount of the carbon emissions to the globe. The Greenidge plant houses 8,000 computers and is looking forward to install more which will cause an increase in the green house emissions over the coming years.

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