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Birds Populations Facing Global Decline US Researchers

According to the latest research done by US Researchers, birds are facing global decline due to habitat loss and unfavorable living conditions. Additionally, a considerable amount of poisonous substances have also been noticed. The Researchers say climate change and the release of toxic substances in the air are the major causes of the decline.

To name a few, rare bird species like the bald eagle, which saw a dramatic come-back in recent years, are facing a threat again due to the aforementioned factors. According to new data, 30 percent of 557 raptor species worldwide are considered under threat alert. The Philippine eagle, along with other eighteen species, is considered threatened or vulnerable.

Moreover, the study undertaken by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and BirdLife International has found that predators found locally are also becoming extinct. The Golden Eagle, which is called the national eagle of Mexico, is also becoming extinct. According to the data released in 2016, there are only around 100 breeding pairs left in the country.

Additionally, the Harpy Eagles, which were commonly seen in the Central and South American regions and Mexico, can be spotted very rarely in the area. The critical factor for the decreasing number of these bird species is the tree cutting and burning, leading to a dramatic shrunk in the count.

Among the birds which are now termed threatened are vultures and eagles; hawks have been decreased by almost 54%. Additionally, the number of nocturnal raptors such as owls has come down dramatically.

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