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Belleville Police Service Launches New CCTV Camera

The Belleville Police Service has announced the new wave in community security. At a small media event held in the Jane Forrester Park on Wednesday afternoon, the police service publicly launched the CamSafe.CamSafe is designed to serve as a local resident archive of those who have installed CCTV cameras in their residences and offices.

This database is designed in order to help the police to cut down the time between the first report of a crime and the uneasiness of the accused and suspects by permitting them to know instantly who in that area may have a valuable CCTV camera footage that can help in identifying the suspect.Sergeant Jeremy Ashley considered the idea and worked on the proposed concept with Kristin Crowe of Alarm Systems.

Sergeant Ashley praised the leaders and their management at the Belleville Police Service for consenting him to take the idea forward from its initial stages all the way to its official launch with free control.Sergeant Ashley also said that there are other plans and strategies to expand the service into Prince Edward and Hastings provinces as well.

Anyone who has CCTV cameras and is interested to register themselves into the registry can easily do so by logging in the website  The registration only asks for the contact information of the owner of the CCTV camera, how many cameras does he have and where are they pointing towards. The cameras can easily show the view on one’s mobile phone, vehicle monitor, PC or laptop very conveniently.

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