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Artificial Pancreas to Revolutionise Diabetes care in England

The new revolutionary invention in the medical field serves as the hope for people suffering from Diabetes . Dcotors are testing patients with type 1 Diabetes with the option of an artificial pancreas. A proper level of blood sugar can prevent life-threatening hypoglycaemic attacks, in which the blood sugar level drops too low. The new technology uses a sensor under the skin.

The technology replaces the traditional finger-prick method and monitors the pump automatically adjusts with the amount of insulin. Charlotte, a six-year-old girl from Lancashire, is one of the children who are using the hybrid close loop system.

Type 1 Diabetes is a state where our body can’t produce insulin, and insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar levels. More than 4 lakhs people are suffering from Diabetes Type 1 in the United Kingdom.The National Health System added that this new invention is the first test globally, and this invention was launched 100 years after the first patient received the insulin injection. The hybrid close loop is not fully automatic, the amount of the carbohydrates must be manually entered.

Nearly 900 patients are in the initial testing stage. The chief executive of Diabetes said that this new invention has the potential to change people’s lives. This can improve the quality of their lives. Researchers also said that 875 patients have joined the initial test and thousand people have enrolled. The NHS is also looking for a place to launch this product where this invention will be accessible to more people.

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