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Apple Watch Series 8 will Find if you have a Fever

According to a claim from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the next Apple Watch Series 8 will purportedly include a body temperature sensor that can detect whether you have a fever. Gurman thinks the watch should be able to recognise an increase in body temperature rather than providing a precise reading and then advise you to consult a doctor or take a thermometer.

The body temperature sensor still has to pass internal testing, according to Gurman, and if it does, Apple is anticipated to include the function in both the Watch Series 8 and the rumoured “rugged” wristwatch for sportsmen engaged in extreme sports. The sensor, however, is probably not going to be present in the next entry-level Apple Watch SE.

For more than a year, new body temperature sensors have been circulating. In June 2021, Gurman originally suggested the notion; but, in January of this year, he changed his mind. Then, in April, he made a complete about-face and said that we may anticipate a body temperature sensor “as early as this year.” The sensor, in Ming-Chi Kuo’s opinion, will launch later this year.

According to earlier reports, the body temperature sensor might also be used to track fertility. Changes in body temperature could be used to anticipate when someone would start their period or to estimate when they are most likely to become pregnant. It is still unknown how Apple intends to include cycle-tracking due to the fever detection in his most recent report.

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