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Apple Stores Will Decline to Repair iPhones Reported as Missing

Apple Stores and other authorized service providers will no longer repair lost iPhones whose locations are reported to the GSMA device registry. When MobileGenius or GSX systems show the device as missing by the time a technician attempts a repair, they must deny it.

GSMA’s device registry included all the informations like device serial numbers that are presented with information about each device’s status. Law enforcement may flag the device once it has been reported stolen to them, such as if a phone is reported stolen to them and it is recovered. That way, repair providers can identify the device if it is ever found in their shop.

The new policy seeks to prevent repair shops from working on devices that may have ended up in the wrong hands. They are extending the old policies, which restrict technicians from removing the Activation Lock unless the customer shows the bill or other evidence of purchase. The company has clearly stated thet the device will not be repaired if the customer

An antitrust lawsuit filed by The Netherlands accuses the iPhones company for participating in dominance and anti-competitive practices by overcharging users who buy apps and in-app subscriptions through the App Store. According to its mission statement, “the Consumer Competition Claims Foundation protects consumers from unfair commercial practices and violations of consumer laws.” it is the foundation behind the lawsuit.

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