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Apple Plans to Put Ads in more Apps on your iPhone

Apple may extend its advertising to more of its first-party iPhone apps to get more income. According to the article, the company’s ad division brings in roughly $4 billion in yearly income, but it hopes to expand into the “double digits.” In certain applications, including Apple News and Stocks, Apple already includes advertisements. Additionally, it recently disclosed intentions to increase app store advertising.

According to Bloomberg, the business is thinking about how to include advertising into Apple Maps, for instance, which has thus far distinguished itself from Google Maps, its rival, by not displaying advertisements. According to the article, it’s “probable” that Apple will also include advertisements in its shops for books and podcasts. There was no quick way to reach an Apple spokesman for comment. Apple has also targeted other businesses that advertise to iPhone consumers. Apple updated iPhone last year with a new popup asking users if they wanted to enable applications on their phones to target them for advertisements.

The App Tracking Transparency privacy feature has completely changed the workings of many mobile advertising, especially those that verify if a transaction or download was done. Many iPhone users choose not to utilise the function, and businesses like Snap, Facebook, and Peloton have faced significant difficulties as a result. Apple could be able to get more value from iPhone customers thanks to the new adverts. Needham analysts stated in a report dated August 3 that they think advertising will be Apple’s next significant source of income.

They said that “AAPL has best-in-class user data.” “AAPL can manage how and where its data is utilised and can stop data leaking beyond its Walled Garden if it constructs a DSP (demand side platform).” The experts said that they think Apple is only starting to develop a new mobile advertising platform. According to them, there has been a “notable rise” in the company’s recruitment efforts for its Ad Platform, and it was well-represented at the Cannes Lions advertising festival in June.

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