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Apple Plans to Launch Mixed Reality Devices in 2022

Apple is working on a mixed reality headset that can be a boon for VR gaming. Mark Gurman in a newsletter claimed is aiming for a headset that can handle “high-quality” VR games with both fast chips and high-res displays.

There are no details what chips would be involved, a previous leak mentioned a possible 8K resolution per eye Apple might not expect games to run at that resolution, but it would hint at serious processing power. The headset is still poised to arrive “as early as” 2022, Gurman said. He also suggested Apple would eventually follow up the mixed headset with an augmented-reality-only model, but that was “years down the road.”

It is doubtful the mixed reality headset would be meant primarily for gaming The price might relegate it to developers and other pros. It wouldn’t be a rival to the $299 Quest 2, then. Instead, the report suggests Apple might use this initial headset to pave the way for more affordable wearables where gaming is more realistic.

Following Apple AR headset, the tech giant may proceed to launch a pair of smart glasses, which could be similar to Facebook’s newly launched Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. Analysts do not expect such a product from Apple before 2025.

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