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Apple is Using More Recycled Products Now

Apple is focused to reduce the amount of waste so the company has recycled almost 20 percent of the materials in 2021, which is the highest rate the company has achieved now. The iPhone manufacturer has shared new details about this recycling program today along with the new features that the company is planning to offer before Earth Day.

The company started recycling concepts in its new device. The iPhone manufacturer recycled the gold which was used in iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro and also the wire in the device’s front camera and back camera. The company also said that this was the result of the company leading the levels of traceability to create a gold supply chain of the recycled content. That mainly builds on the company’s old efforts to recover gold from its old products. The company said that when the company’s recycling robots break one metric ton of the phone’s components. They can be back to use the gold and copper to avoid mining. There can be nearly eighty times more gold in a ton of mobile device that is equal to a ton of material from a gold mine.

 iPhone manufacturer has started using the new recycling machine which they named Taz. The taz separated the magnets from audio modules and recover rare earth elements. The company also announced that they have developed a recycling robot which the company called as Daisy. This recycling robot was introduced in 2018 they can break twenty-three iPhone models. Apple also said that they can use recycled tungsten, rare earth materials, and cobalt in 2021.

The company is struggling to reduce carbon dioxide emissions but it couldn’t make progress on its plans. The company recently took a pledge in 2020 to reduce the planet’s heating emissions by seventy five percent this decade.

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