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Apple has Decided to Update Carplay

Apple has updated Carplay to make it more compatible with a car’s instrument panel and to provide deeper connection with the vehicle itself. Users of Carplay will be able to replace what appears on the instrument panel with an Apple-style widget design. Users may enter travel details, manage the car’s climate, check the weather, monitor current navigation information, gasoline and battery levels, and more. It includes a brand-new UI that looks like an iPad on the main screen and adjusts to different screen sizes.

More announcements are expected late next year, according to Apple. Apple has been developing an electric driverless car internally, but the firm has been plagued by setbacks and leadership departures. This new Carplay integration is the closest thing we’ve seen so far to an Apple Car.

Ford, Audi, Jaguar-Land Rover, Nissan, Volvo, Polestar, and others are already working towards integrating the next generation of Carplay. is already included in 98 percent of new cars, according to Apple, and 79 percent of users consider it when purchasing a vehicle. During WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled the next generation of , and it looks really gorgeous. Apple Car vibes abound with the total takeover of the infotainment display, dash controls, and more.

While Project Titan is still in development, Apple has stated that the first cars to support next-generation Carplay would not be released until the end of next year. It’s likely that drivers will have to wait until 2024 or 2025 to try out the next iteration of Apple . However, iOS 16 includes a few enhancements that will be accessible to everyone this autumn.

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