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Android 12 Google Pixels get Nice Charging Animation

Android 12 is the most aesthetically significant update to the platform in years, and it includes a slew of new animations in addition to significant overhauls like Material You. When your Pixel phone is turned off, one new animation that isn’t immediately noticeable is an enhanced charging animation.

When you plug in a Pixel phone that isn’t turned on, a battery indicator appears, followed by the percentage as the phone begins to charge. Starting with Android 12, you’ll notice a ripple animation on that percentage.

It’s at a low frame rate, but it’s similar to what you see when you turn on your phone. There have been “wave” animations that illustrate charging status since Beta 1, but the wave matches the system’s Material You-powered accent colors when the power is turned on. Unfortunately, those colors do not appear in the power-off animation. It’s unclear when this animation first appeared, although it was in Android 12 Beta 3 the first time we saw it, and it didn’t appear to be live on a Pixel 5 running Beta 2.

When your phone is turned off, you probably don’t think about stuff like this, but it’s still a helpful feature. It’s now evident that the phone isn’t charging, rather than just displaying a stagnant number. If you’re utilizing a wireless charger, this could be extremely handy. In any event, it’s a pleasant touch that adds to the overall appearance and feel of using your phone. Below is a video of the animation in action.

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