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Air Quality in California Region at Risk Speculate Experts

The consequences of California massive wildfires are being experienced in the areas far away from the fire zone. In the Sacramento region, both air quality and health experts are asking citizens to stay inside their houses till the smoke in the area settles down.

Member of the California Air Resources Board, Amy MacPherson said that citizens need to stay alert and stay ready for this. She further added that if you are able to smell it, then you’re probably inhaling it.  Wildfire smoke is principally hazardous due to the particulate matter it transfers.

Dr. Vanessa Walker said that the tiny particles could easily get so deep into the lungs that they can go into the tissues of the lungs and might also enter the bloodstream. She further said that they can lead to early labor in pregnant women and also have chances of causing cardiac conditions. People with difficulty breathing, heart conditions, and asthma may also feel it challenging to breathe in such bad quality air.

The health experts and California Air Resources Board are asking people to stay home in order to be safe from this bad air exposure. MacPherson said that people need to restrict the indoor activities that cause air pollution like burning candles, vacuuming, and smoking. MacPherson further added that in case of emergency outdoor activities people must wear a NIOSH-marked N95 mask. She said that the model of the N95 is properly tested. There are a number of counterfeits available in the market, one needs to be careful while buying one.

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