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About Us

Canadian Courier is a brilliant journey of transformation from the humble print media to the exuberant digital leap. However, despite the massive leap of fate, what has remained constant at Canadian Courier is the focus for achieving tremendous readership with uncompromised journalistic excellence. At a time when the internet is flooded with information and misinformation alike, Canadian Courier takes note of the best reporting and editing practices to present the highest standards of data.

The writing community at Canadian Courier is a dedicated team of thorough professionals striving to give back to society. Our range of news coverage is rather broad and dynamic, encompassing fields such as science, technology, IoT, semiconductor, food & health, aerospace, besides a separate miscellaneous section to cover all that is not tagged in the above categories.

Several of our writers and editors have been motivational owing to their legacy of contributions, quick transformation to interactive digital media, and series of numerous journalistic awards, justifying their merit. To ensure large-scale coverage of even the minutest development, Canadian Courier also has a dedicated section of contributing authors who cover local events of their respective areas. This also meets one of the vital objectives of Canadian Courier, to give back to society. Highly advanced editing tools are used here at Canadian Courier to eliminate all chances of discrepancies.