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A New Focus Mode Announced by Zoom

Zoom, the popular video conferencing application, received some changes this week. Today, the app releases a new “Focus” mode intended to keep students from becoming distracted during online classes. Although, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, online courses have become more than required worldwide, audio and video calling apps are continually introducing new features and enhancing their services to provide a better experience.

Zoom now has a Focus mode, which anyone may utilize but is especially useful for teachers. The functionality was first announced in a blog post (via The Verge) earlier today. The other participants on the call will no longer see each other after the host activates Focus mode. Of course, the host will still have access to everyone’s webcams, but no one else will be distracted by their peers’ live videos.

Educators can see their students’ recordings, and students can see their teachers without seeing the rest of the class. Teachers can keep an eye on their kids while not being distracted by their peers’ video streams or feeling self-conscious about turning on their cameras. The capability can be activated for accounts, groups, or even individual users, according to Zoom. The More button that appears when on a call allows you to enter focus mode.

Focus mode, a new feature in iOS 15, is also included. It does, however, work in a different way than Zoom new option. IOS’s Focus mode users can establish focus profiles for various tasks such as sleeping, working, or studying. Each profile can allow different apps and contacts, so those on the list won’t be notified when that mode is activated. This fall, all users should be able to get iOS 15.

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